Can You Save More Than 20 Dollars From Your Electricity Bill?

Even though I like to boast that I live in San Diego with a nice cool ocean breeze coming through my windows, there are days that it does get hot. I’m bit of a wimp if the temperature changes a little higher than my ‘comfortable range’. Last month was slightly hot, but I was able to decrease my electricity bill last month by over $20 dollars. I was ecstatic that it only took a few minor experimental changes to lower the cost. If I keep it up, it’ll save me over $250 this year.

What did I do? It was simple, nothing that sacrificed me much of anything other than a few minutes to make some changes around the house.

1) I unplugged all electronic devices/appliances not being used. That included the Stereo, DVD player, Nintendo Wii, Coffee Pot, Toaster Oven and Cell Phone Chargers.

2) I turned off the computers. Usually 1 of our 2 desktops are left on, especially when my husband plays the game World of Warcraft late at night. I’ve been getting him to at least turn off his monitor, if not his actual computer this month. (Hooray, slight victory!)

And that’s about it…. I’ve always been one to close the fridge door quickly and turn off the lights after I leave a room. I always leave my windows open (I love the cool air breeze) and I rarely use any air conditioning unless it gets too hot for when the fan cannot please me or my heat sensitive husband.

It is really amazing how little changes can save you money and conserve power. Try it out for a month and see how much you can save.

3 Responses to “Can You Save More Than 20 Dollars From Your Electricity Bill?”

  1. Great tips- I have been gradually saving on my electric bill also. I have been making sure lights are turned off, taking shorter showers, and I have my TV/DVD player/xbox on a surger protector strip that I turn off when they are not in use.

  2. That’s just mind-blowing! We “know” that making small changes can make a big difference, but… wow! $20 worth of proof! Good on you.

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