More Green Gift Wrapping

Hopefully the majority of your shopping is done.  Now it’s time to wrap. offers the following 9 ways to green your gift wrapping.  We especially like WrapSacks reusable gift bags.

1. Reusable Gift Bags

  • Many companies are now offering reusable bags or sacks to be used instead of wrapping paper.
  • WrapSacks adds something special, by including a tracking number allowing you to see where the bag has been and where it goes.
  • Patagonia also has great gift bags made from leftover fabric but you’ll have to call them to get them.
  • Make your own out of fabric scraps or old flannel sheets.
  • Now that reusable shopping bags are everywhere, choose a nice one from your favorite store and gift it.

2. Recycled Aluminum as Wrapping Paper

  • It’s shinny, recycled, and after the package is opened, you could use it to bbq.

3. Outdated or Surplus Maps

  • My mom has a drawer full of old maps from family trips taken when I was young. With the advent of GPS, paper maps are becoming less necessary so I wouldn’t feel too bad turning these into gift wrap and show someone where you’ve been!

4. The Wrap is a Gift

  • Giving a scarf, blanket or towel? Use it to wrap another gift and tie with a piece of hemp or twine.

5. Brown Paper Bags

  • Turned inside out, a paper bag makes a great wrapping material.

6. Newspaper / Funnies

  • Ever since I can remember, my grandma has used the comics to wrap our presents!

7. Green Package Padding

  • Our friends recently bought a paper shredder which is perfect for creating padding for packages from junk mail. I wouldn’t recommend buying one for this purpose alone, but chances are you know someone with one or have one at work.

8. Re-Purposed Gift Bags

  • The bags that new sheets come in, burlap sacks from rice, or the plastic ones from citrus - find a new use for what otherwise might be thrown away.

9. Eco Gift Paper
If you must abide by tradition and use gift paper, here are some green choices

  • Banana fiber paper made from wasted bark from banana production.


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