No More Cold Bursts In The Shower


Say goodbye to cold water bursts in the shower or washing up in the sink.

The Chili Pepper is designed to save you water and money by saving the cold water that normally runs down the drain and circulating it back to the water heater. When the water at the tap reaches the desired target temperature, the Chili Pepper switches off. Turn the hot tap and you’ll get nothing but hot water.

The Chili Pepper needs to be installed under the sink (near the hot water tap) and attached to both cold and hot water pipes. It’s expected to save thousands of liters per year and cost less than $3.00 per year to operate. Unfortunately this nifty device is only available in Australia at the moment.



One Response to “No More Cold Bursts In The Shower”

  1. Really cool piece of equipment. But too bad its available only for Australia at this moment. I hope it will soon be available for other parts of the world.

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