Paint That Can Clean Air


Paints are usually considered toxic, so to think that there is a formula that could actually cleanse indoor air is amazing. Scientists of Suzuran Corporation, a Japan-based company, have launched a product called Reben - an environmentally remediating paint made from 100 percent organic ingredients.

Reben emits no harmful voltaile organic compounds (VOC), found in standard paints which can create poor indoor air quality.

Five natural ingredients comprise the Reben formula: seaweed glue, powdered Japanese washi paper (naturally controls humidity), scallop-shell powder (prevents mold and bacteria growth), titanium dioxide (deodorizes the air and absorbs pollution) and natural pigments.

The paint surface resembles a plaster-like richness and is available in many colors, textures and integrated natural grasses.



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  1. Amazing! This is the type of creative thinking needed to solve problems more often!

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