Plastic Lumber

What is plastic lumber? Plastic lumber is 50/50 mix of recycled wood and plastic materials that can be used for decking, door and window frames, and exterior moldings. These products are claimed to be more durable than conventional treated lumber and contain no toxic chemicals. It’s impervious to insects, mold and mildew.

Some benefits (other than the obvious recycling of materials), the lumber resists decay and doesn’t splinter. It’s maintenance free, no need to paint, stain, or apply a refinishing coat. It can be supplied in many colors.

Choosing plastic lumber can be making an environmentally sound choice and will slow the destruction of trees and rain forests by purchasing materials that are recycled.

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  1. I do not like it for decking myself. I am a carpenter myself and have recently used it as sill gascet and sticks for rain screen. It is usefull but do we know if there are any long term side effects of useing it.

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