Show Your Independence and I’ll Give You $25.00

Yesterday, I explained how I saved over $20.00 from my bill last month by making small and easy changes to my home but can you save more?

In light of July 4th, Independence Day, I would like to setup a challenge to encourage minimizing energy use, especially in areas needing to conserve power and water because of the droughts.

For the month of July, whomever can reduce their utility bills (gas, electric, water) the most by percentage, I will give a $25.00 gift certificate to

I will need:

1) A scanned copy or photographic proof of your achievement which would include your past month’s bill amount and the new amount (please hide your personal information, except your name)

2) A short explanation of how you did it.

Mail all entries to All entries must be submitted by the end of August.

Here are a few helpful tips to conserve your energy this month:

1) Use your programmable thermostat

2) Unplug appliances/devices that are not in use

3) Use energy saving CFL’s

4) Air dry your dishes

5) Turn off your computer if not in use

6) Take a shower instead of a bath

7) Water your lawn/garden before 5am or after 8pm

8) Wash your laundry using full loads and try the cold water setting

9 Responses to “Show Your Independence and I’ll Give You $25.00”

  1. Wow! This is indeed a great thing you’re doing. It takes a special sort of person to do things like this, good on you!

  2. What an excellent idea!! My bill is so low $18 per month. But I will try and make it lower. :)

  3. This is only a beginning. The day we can get access to very cheap solar panels, our home may become mini power plants and actually get us some income!

    Anyway, for now, if we all take these simple steps, it can change the energy consumption landscape of the US.

    All the best

  4. Hi, my friend, what a great initiative! All the very best of luck with your needed and inspired efforts to tackle the energy problems we are faced with. I continue to support your work.

  5. Great contest and I hope it encourages many people to look more closely at their energy usage.

  6. Great contest. Although I could show you lots of proof, I would rather you keep that money and use it to continue to spread the work by building this website.
    I also have an environmental website and we encourage people to increase their efficiency as well but we reward them a little differently.

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