Sink Water ReUsed

Ingenious! Water Save Tech has developed a way to take us an additional step towards conserving water more effectively. A new system called AQUA captures water from your bathroom sink and sends it to your toilet. The sink water is filtered and disinfected before reaching your toilet.

Reusing sink water could save approximately 5,000 gallons of water per average household for one year. Savings could be between $40 to $80 per year using this device.

The system can be used with an existing toilet, adjacent to your sink and is estimated to be as difficult to install as a new toilet. I’ve never installed a toilet before so I wouldn’t be able to vouch if it’s an easy or hard process!


3 Responses to “Sink Water ReUsed”

  1. I was reading something about this.. Called ‘The Gray Tank’ Or something. I think its an Awesome idea. Other suggestions were Shower water reused for it aswell.

  2. Today the L.A. Times had a warning about the need to save water in our State. We really have only a few sources of water and it hasn’t rained in a while.

  3. This is simply genius!! The area where I live already has wells drying up. Our community needs this. I will be sure to pass it on!! Great Post Susan

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