Slurp…Yummy - Garbage Eating Microbes


In Gothenburg, Sweden this little shed is filled with microbes eating household garbage in efforts to reduce methane gases naturally released from compost at the local biogas plant.

This system, Somnus Hus, helps remove 75 percent of the moisture from compost and thankfully, most of the odor from food waste. Approximately 180 families participating in the pilot program share the shed and deposit paper bags with food scraps into a green chute. Scraps are shredded, moisture is sucked away by a wet filter system filled with odor-eating bacteria.

In 4-5 days the scraps appear to be finely-chopped wood chips which can later be distributed in community gardens.


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  1. WOW! That’s such a great idea how do we get that here in the US or even in the back garden.

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