Solar Powered Attic Fan


Solar Star developed a very low cost and technologically-advanced solution to lower your air conditioning usage. Their Roof Mount Attic Fan provides solar powered attic ventilation via a 10-watt solar panel.

The 5-wing whisper quiet attic fan, is corrosion resistant and takes only 30 minutes to install.



4 Responses to “Solar Powered Attic Fan”

  1. Nice to see great tech applied to such a mundane object. Hopefully this will broaden the appeal of solar power and make it the choice of power generation for the future.

  2. I need to buy this fan where can I get this?

  3. You may either try SolarStar’s site to find a dealer:


    Amazon has a few listed on their site:

    Solar Attic Fan by Big Frog Mountain

  4. There is no way this fan would be adequate for a home attic. Possibly for a dog house.

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