Health and Earth Are Both Important To Building Green TV

Did you know that the common air in the average American home is five times more toxic than the pollution found in our major cities?

I didn’t…until Kevin Contreras, the host of Building Green, shared that information.

Awhile ago I wrote a post about Building Green TV, a new weekly show airing on PBS television series about building using “green” techniques and materials. Since then I’ve exchanged a few e-mails with Max Mead, Chief Operating Officer of Building Green TV and have only great things to say about their efforts in spreading the “green” word and elevating the awareness for home owners, developers and real estate shoppers.

Max alerted me the morning of their press release announcing a strategic partnership with RCLCO (Robert Charles Lesser & Co.) to raise awareness to important environmentally-friendly building trends. Part of the new partnership will include facts about the green building market that will serve as content for Building Green.

It’s really exciting to see this new partnership form, not only will it improve awareness but also share some great valuable information with their viewers.

Interested in seeing their show? Check your local PBS listing for show times.

Check out Building Green’s promo…

6 Responses to “Health and Earth Are Both Important To Building Green TV”

  1. Thank you for the write-up Susan, you’ve been a great friend to us, and thank you for your work as well. - maxmsf

  2. Maxmsf, is there any way to catch these shows (even if after the official broadcast) if my local pbs is not showing this? I’d be interested in seeing more…maybe host them on your website or available for purchase at a later date?

  3. hey John, we’re just now starting to think about producing some DVDs, as well as electronic/plastic-free forms of distribution like iTunes or Bittorrent, probably will be available later this summer. Eventually I’d like to stream the episodes online also though it could be a while out of respect for the PBS affiliates. If you are on our mailing list we’ll be sure to notify you. Also, I have heard that the affiliates are fairly responsive to viewer requests for shows, so if the spirit moves you, we’d really appreciate if you’d call and as for your BGTV! Thank you so much for your support, hope we can find a way for you to see the shows. - maxmsf

  4. As you said that air at homes are five times more toxic than many cities, what about its impact on health? Do average Americans suffers from some common health problems because of this air pollution?

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