The Shenzhen Rising Sun Solar Box

We often receive requests for information from individuals who want to know what one person can do to be “greener.” Of course there are numerous things one can do such as recycling, using compact fluorescent bulbs, conserving water, etc.  However, when it comes to using the sun’s energy to power our electronics there wasn’t really a practical way to do this on an individual basis … until now. The Shenzhen Rising Sun Eastern Industry’s Solar Box is a good option for those who wish to harness energy from the sun without the hassle of installing and wiring solar panels. The 30W poly-crystal photovoltaic array on the top of the box captures the sun’s energy.  The Solar box has a built-in adapter and a 12V 38 Ah lead-acid battery and “can take a load of up to 400W.” Set it up in a sunny corner of the room and get a piece of renewable energy!


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  1. This would work great just about anywhere other than in the USA. Looking at the specs we find the output is on a 50hz cycle. Here in the US we need 60hz.

    Maybe they’ll make one we can use?

  2. oops, forgot to include the specs:

    * Solar panel: 30W poly-crystal
    * Battery: 12V 38Ah lead-acid battery
    * Output:
    * AC output: 110V AC 50Hz, load(max): 300W
    * DC output: voltage: 5.5/7.5/9.5/12V current max 1.5A
    * Cigar output: load (max) 400W
    * Temperature: -40 to +70 degrees C
    * Total weight of unit: 23kg
    * Main components:
    * Box: one-piece
    * Output cable: one-piece
    * Adapter: four piece

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