To-go Utensils

campingI often write for while dining at a coffee shop or restaurant. I feel a pang of guilt every time I lift a plastic fork to my mouth between sentences about living a green lifestyle. But recently I realized I could do something simple and cheap to reduce my plastic utensil use. Yes, I could just bring utensils from my existing set at home. But if you’re like me and lose things at the bottom of your bags, you will understand why I’m going to start using camping utensils. I’m referring to the ones that are hooked together with a ring. You can hook them to your water bottle, travel coffee mug, or your bag’s key tether. Also remember to ask for reusable plates, mugs, and utensils when dining out. Places like Panera Bread and Starbucks Coffee provide them, but servers often forget to offer.

You can find camping utensil sets at retailers like REI, which offers them in stainless steel and bamboo, the latter of which also includes chopsticks.

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