Wind-up Bedside Lamp


Perfect for those that fall asleep with the light on while reading a book, this lamp requires a wind-up to turn on the light and will stay on till the key winds back. It functions as both a switch and timer, saving you from wasted electricity.

The source of power comes from a spring-driven generator.

As the high carbon tensile steel spring unwinds, power is transferred to a small dynamo electric generator to produce electricity to power the light.

Personal testing will help you determine how many times you need to wind-up the lamp. It’s also great to know that there is no need to worry about vampire power as the lamp doesn’t need to be plugged in.



2 Responses to “Wind-up Bedside Lamp”

  1. Where is this found? How neat!

  2. Please, where can get this lamp? I tried to search stores which sell with no avail.

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