Hey Mr. Green!!

Should you buy a tankless water heater? What happens when I sign up for renewable power through my power company? Should you replace a ten year old refrigerator? Sierra Magazine’s Answer Guy, Bob Schlidgen’s “Hey Mr. Green” column has tackled some tough and interesting real-world questions by real people. Over the last several years, readers have trusted his answers which are backed by Sierra Club’s research. His realistic, humorous, honest and straight-forward answer provide not only for an interesting read but becomes a great resource for many looking to be green or are ‘green’. The book is a comprehensive collection of the best columns and targets many subjects: transportation, recycling, food and drink, household issues, “big picture” environmental questions. Also, there’s a handy index to guide you through specific questions readers want to immediately find.

It’s definitely a great read and amazingly enlightening with lots of information mixed with humor which helps getting through the book by making it fairly fun.

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  1. I work on a green initiative at Amazon.com in Seattle, and we’re trying to address consumer confusion about what products are “green”. We’re trying to assemble a community-driven, ranked, list of the best environmentally-friendly products available based upon informed 3rd-party feedback, to help consumers evaluate “green” product options.

    If anyone would like to add their insights, I’d certainly invite you to add your input to our “Green 3” list at http://www.amazon.com/green. Cheers.

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