Home Made Christmas Ornaments

ornament_resized400x266These sweet, clever ornaments, which started their lives as soda cans, are perfect for your holiday tree or anything else that needs a little extra sparkle this season.

1- Using craft scissors, cut the bottom and top off a soda can. Wear gloves, as the edges will be sharp. Roll the sheet back on itself to help it lie flat.

2-Create a square or diamond-shaped template out of paper, then tape it to the aluminum and cut out two pieces.

3-Cut about 3/16 inch off all edges of one of the two pieces, Put the two pieces together with the printed sides facing each other. Notch the four corners.

4-Fold the edge of the bigger piece over the smaller. Tap all along the edge with a hammer.

5-Place a piece of cardboard under your ornament and pierce the metal with a pushpin to create the punched pattern. Piercing all around the border first will “sew” the two pieces together.

6-Thread a 4-inch piece of thin wire through the hole at the top. Twist to secure. String a few beads on the wire. Make a curlicue at the top to hang your ornament.

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  1. That is such a clever way to re-use soda cans.

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