How Do You Recycle?


Recycling has become an art form at our home. Not only do we place as many things as possible in our weekly pickup box, we also try to find fun and creative ways to reuse many containers.  After being invited to several potlucks and picnics this summer, I realized I needed a more convenient way to bring food to these events. Although I do have certain dishes that I use for going to gatherings involving food, I always need to remember what I took or if we leave early I have to remove part of the buffet, when taking my dishes of food home.  Inspiration struck recently as I was crushing  a large rectangular plastic container that had spinach leaves in it.

Why not keep these and reuse them to:

  • transport food for picnics,
  • meals for people with babies or illness
  • when you share leftovers with other people after a large meal

This works beautifully! I printed labels and attached them to the lids with double sided tape (just for the cute factor), placed them in my reusable Shop Wise Bags and went to the picnic. Although our city does take all of these in the recycling program, I’ve decided to give them a little more use before sending them to be made into another container or bottle. Not only was it convenient and very useful, the idea inspired everyone at the potluck to try it out for themselves.

Another use for the small containers that herbs, grape tomatoes and hard cheeses come in - organize your junk drawer, craft area or shop with them. Keep business cards, small notes and change in them. Use them to store snacks for sack lunches.

Little changes like these start the process of reducing the ‘waste footprint’ we all have. Keep up to date on the rules in your city as to what can be recycled. Technology is changing rapidly and allowing for many items to be included in your bin. Our city recently starting taking plastic containers 1-7, lids included but I would not have known this without staying in the loop of the changes in recycling. Be innovative with the items in your life that can be used in many ways before they are thrown away or recycled. . .

Happy Recycling!

2 Responses to “How Do You Recycle?”

  1. BRAVO !! Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is a great idea! Our city doesn’t collect these (only plastic “bottles” with a visibly tapered neck are allowed), and I’m forever battling with what on earth to do with so many of these!

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