HP’s New Environmental Awareness Power To Change


Hewlett-Packard recently launched a new environmental awareness campaign.  It’s called ‘Power To Change’ and it encourages PC users around the world to turn off their computers at the end of the day or when they’re not in use. This one simple change can make a huge impact on the environment.

If 100,000 users to shut down their computers regularly, it can save over 2,680 kilowatt-hours(1) of energy and reduce carbon emission by more than 3,500 pounds a day.(2) That’s the same as eliminating over 105 cars from the road daily.

Please help do your part.  To date, over 14,000 individuals have committed to turning off their computers when they’re not in use. This is an amazing number but, with your help, we can do even better. Visit the HP site where you can download a helpful widget to remind you to power down and track how much impact you and the rest of the world are making. You can also learn more about HPs  efforts here.

(1) The energy savings are estimated based on a benchmark study conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories in 2004 and UK Energy Saving Trust in 2007.

(2) Equivalency determined by EPA calculations.

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