Hybrid Fever - New York Hopping On Board


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered that every one of New York’s taxis operate on hybrid engines by the end of October 2012 as part of the state’s plan to reduce emissions. Currently the cabs are getting about 14 miles a gallon and when converted to hybrid engines will meet a 30 miles per gallon standard.

At this time, only 375 of the approximate 13,000 licensed taxis are currently in compliance. Removing all gas powered taxis would be the equivalent of removing 32,000 individually owned gas powered vehicles from New York’s streets. Nine gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles have been approved by the city for use as taxis. The hybrid initiative may also include garbage trucks and buses as they become available.

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  1. I enjoy stopping by here each day to see what new and amazing green things you’ve managed to uncover. Great layout, fun to read and very informative!

  2. When I used to live in the city, I used to ride the Hybrid Escape Cabs.. I even got into a conversation with one of the cabbies and he was so pleased that it costs a lot less for him drive the cab around (they have to pay for their own gas) I am glad Bloomberg is making some positive changes for the city. We all had our doubts but hizzoner is actually doing well I must say :) Great post

  3. Mayor Bloomberg surely is an intelligent man. The same steps are necessary for other populous cities like Dhaka, Delhi. Hope these city mayors will learn from NY Mayor.

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