Jones GABA Beverages


When it comes to beverages, I tend to be a purist, craving only water, black tea or red wine for my drinking needs. The latest heat- wave, however, found me looking around in my fridge for anything cool to give me respite from the 100+ degree weather. I tentatively grabbed the can of Jones GABA Fuji Apple Tea-Juice that had been sitting in the refrigerator, neglected because it wasn’t one of my three favorite beverages. I had been meaning to try it - all in the name of fair trade - but the last thing I wanted was a sugary chemical drink with mystery ingredients a mile long. Even though I admittedly had to look up the name of my drink (Gamma Aminio) Butyric Acid, or GABA , helps to increase the production of brain waves and strengthen focus and clarity), I was comfortable with words like “natural,” “tea” and “apple.”

I threw caution to the wind and popped the can open. I took the tiniest sip and waited for my gag reflexes to kick in (like I said, I’m a purist) but it tasted like apple! Not like the FD&C Green #3 flavored apple but like an honest to goodness fuji apple! With just a hint of sweetness, it was the perfect blend of crisp, mild, refreshing, flavorful tea.

Revived by my cold drink, I was ecstatic that I had found another quality item that was made with my health, the environment and others in mind. The GABA means I would have my clarity and The Fair Trade Certified label means the tea harvesters received their full wages for their work. I now look forward to trying their Lemon Honey, Grapefruit & Nectarine.

Jones Gaba is an official supporter of Fair Trade the White House . Check out other fair traders and add your name to the invitation.

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