Just as Good the Second Time

Attention fellow bookworms! We know there are a lot of ways to better consume books than to buy brand new ones and keep them on the shelf forever. Sometimes though, it takes a little jolt of creativity to remember other options. First of all, you can access all these items at the much-beloved and much-underused institution known as the public library. If you haven’t been to a library for awhile, you’ll be impressed; most now boast extensive online resources, as well as a complete selection of current and past issues of magazines and newspapers. If you don’t have easy access to one of these, check out Craigslist or Freecycle for some used materials.

Also, check to see if your area has any good used bookstores around. If you are in the Phoenix area like I am, you ought to check out Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange. You can take your books, CDs and movies there (old VHS tapes and no VCR? Get some cash out of it!) – the dusty ones from the back of the shelf that you’re ready to part with – and they’ll offer you a choice of cash or store credit. You don’t just have to trade-in – it’s also a full-service retail store, and they have a wide selection of used books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, board games…you name it. It’s an innovative way to recycle and use things in a slightly less disposable fashion.

Of course, the easiest and simplest way to recycle is check out books from your friend’s bookshelves!

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  1. Some public libraries have Friends of the Library groups that take gently used donations and sell them. The money is put back into the library for books and all sorts of things. We are lucky enough to actually have a Friends of the Library used book store in our library. Our community isn’t huge, but we make about $5,000 a month! The volunteers also sell select books on the internet.

  2. Don’t forget about e-books! That way, authors are still being compensated for their intellectual property, we’re saving money, and we’re helping the environment.

  3. Last year I posted about all sorts of ways to “read green” :)

    Personally, my top choice is still my library — but feel free to check out a bunch of other ideas, too:


  4. I’m in the Phoenix area, and hadn’t heard of bookmans. Thanks for sharing.

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