Just for Fun…

OK…these are 2 of the more bizarre green products that we have come across.

First, A UK company named Lazybone is offering actual “lawn furniture.”

Yes … furniture that grows. The chair comes with an eco-friendly skeleton. Once assembled all you do is cover it with soil and seeds, water it and wait for it to sprout!


The second item is the FlowerPod concept which was designed by Designnord of Denmark. Similar to other items we’ve featured, the FlowerPod allows you to monitor your energy usage at any given time. The difference is that energy usage is linked to the “health” of a digital flower. If your energy use is reasonable you are rewarded with a full grown digital flower; however, “If your eco-consciousness lags, so does the flower.” The thought behind the design is that “the reward of a healthy-looking blossom will encourage everyone in your family to do their part to shrink the home’s carbon footprint.”


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  1. That chair reminds me of the Chia animal.


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