Kids Konserve Waste-free Lunch Kit and Other Reusable Products

Green Lifestyles - Kids Konserve Waste-free Lunch Kit and Other Reusable ProductsFor many schools, Halloween kicks off the 1st Classroom Party for the new school year. Sign-ups are posted and the party planning is under way, thanks to all the parent and PTA involvement. Who is bringing the paper products? Invest in a Party Pack - I use one for my son’s school, I bring it to the party, bring it home to clean in the dishwasher and it is ready for the next one! Taking the trash out of the bash!


Raise money for your school! Reduce trash on your campus! Eat lunch in style! ALL AT THE SAME TIME! How? It’s easy! Launch a Waste-Free Challenge with Kids Konserve at your school, and we will help you promote waste-free activities, make our waste-free lunch products available directly to your parents, and give back a percentage of every sale to your school. We offer all of our non-toxic, reusable lunch products, as well as an optional custom stainless steel water bottle (with your school’s logo) as part of our school fundraising program.


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