Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

These are some great last minute Thanksgiving decorating ideas from Keep the kid’s out of your hair by sending them outside to collect the leaves and acorns!

1. Centerpieces: Pumpkins and other winter squashes, Native American corn, acorns, nuts, grapes, pears, pomegranates, and apples overflowing from a wicker cornucopia or heaped in a wooden bowl look abundant and beautiful in the center of your festal table.
2. Leaf coasters: Autumn leaves make great coasters to protect your furniture from rings and stains. Oak leaves are especially tough, leathery, and durable.
3. Natural napkin rings: Tie napkins with raffia and tuck in a pretty fallen leaf and an acorn, or a cinnamon stick or two. Guests can add their cinnamon to a pot of hot cider to sip on later.
3. Simple arrangements: There is a beautiful Zen simplicity in a perfect branch bearing colored leaves set into an earthen vase. Sometimes that’s all you need for a seasonal and dramatic focal point.
4. Pumpkin vase: Hollow out a pumpkin and place a cup inside to hold fresh or dried flowers.
7. Multiple fruits: Miniature pumpkins, apples, pomegranates, or pears look charming placed in a row on a bookshelf or mantel, or marching up the stairs.
8. Leaf garlands: Stitch leaves together with heavy thread or tie bunches together and wire them into a garland.
9. Decorated votive holders: Glue or tie the following around the outside of your glass votive candle holders: dried apple slices, cinnamon sticks, cornhusks, autumn leaves.
10. Decorated tapers: Place tapers in shallow bowls filled with beautifully-colored Native American corn, or place a ring of acorns around them, or set them into hollowed miniature pumpkins or apples.
11. Festive lamps and lights: Glue a pretty leaf to a nightlight cover, or add autumn leaves to a lampshade.
12. Native corn: Thread the kernels of Native American corn to make pretty jewel-like strings to hang in a doorway or place around a lampshade. For how-to instructions, see Native Corn necklaces.


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