LED Pillow Wakes You Up With Annoying Light


Raise your hand if dislike being awakened by a bright light? How about your alarm?

There’s a new lighted pillow concept which is a visual alarm clock that could really make some changes to the way we wake up.

The LED lighted pillow is designed to wake you slowing by exposing your sleepy closed eyes to gradual brightness over a 40 minute period. Created by Ian Walton in collaboration with Eoin McNally, the Glo Pillow uses a cutting-edge LED fabric substrate below the pillow’s surface to wake you up.

Once you’re wake enough to lift your head. Glance over at the pillow to check out the current time via an easy-to-read dot-matrix display lying beneath your pillow case. Conveniently the design includes easy to reach controls built into the flap of the pillow.



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