Local Food in the Valley of the Sun

ecotrust022Luckily, there is a growing trend toward local food offerings. For those of us who find ourselves in the Phoenix area, there are a few great finds in the Valley of the Sun.

We have Peoria-based company Chef to Chef, which buys fresh, organically grown produce and cage-free eggs from local farmers and delivers them to various drop off locations throughout the Valley. Bountiful Baskets offers a similar service in a co-op style. There are also numerous local markets, including Mama’s Organic Market, which meets in Peoria on the third Saturday of every month and which also includes crafts from local artisans, a vendor offering out-of-this-world strawberry tamales, and face painters.

I’m sure there are many, but two restaurants in particular stand out as being supportive of local, fresh food:  The Art of Soup is a cute little spot downtown with a great ambience, a BYOB policy, and fresh soups made from the best organic ingredients available. For your next date night check out Arcadia Farms, which features delicious meals made entirely from locally grown produce and has locations in several parts of the Valley.

For those of you who don’t live in the Phoenix area (poor souls, you must be freezing!), check out localharvest.org for more info on your local food economy.

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  1. Sarah Gonski’s blog is well written and informative. I appreciate this posting and now I want to check this out next time I am in Phoenix.

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