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More Ways 2 Be Green

Posted By Eloah James On June 7, 2009 @ 12:02 pm In Green Lifestyles, Green Projects, Green2gether, Recycling & Reuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurposing & Reconsuming, Tennessee, Texas, USA | 2,187 Comments


Round Rug made from plarn - the yarn that can be made from recycling plastic bags.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about new ways to be green. I’ve come up with a few, so I thought I would share those, as well as a few we already practice here that others may not be doing yet.

One thing that we already do is chop up the plastic rings on 6 packs of soda. Most people who want to be green know to recycle the cans, but I’m sure a lot of people still don’t realize the negative impact those rings can have on birds. When picking through a landfill, birds can so easily get caught up and trapped in those rings, so it is important to cut them up in such a way that there are no completed circles left.

A new project I have seriously been considering is making a new welcome mat out of recycled plastic bags. If you know how to knit or crochet, it’s a simple enough process. Basically, you cut the bags into strips, which you then tie together to form lengths of plastic yarn. Because the bags stretch thin so easily, the knots won’t interfere with the work. The resulting bumpy texture is great to clean your feet on. However, it probably needs something absorbent for moisture, so combining the plastic “yarn” with some recycled rags would make it just about perfect for the job. Visit this site [1] for instructions.

I think a lot of people keep those plastic grocery bags for reuse these days, so here is another idea for some of them. If you haven’t been able to bring yourself to spend the money to buy reusable shopping bags, why not reuse the better plastic bags you’ve been saving for their original purpose? You can take those bags back to the grocery store and have the bagger put your goods in them again.

Probably that reuse will only work once, since, again, they do stretch so easily - but that’s ok. They can now be cut into strips for a project like the welcome mat or, if you are not creatively inclined, or just aren’t in need of any of the goods recycled bags can make take the bags to your local Kroger or even Wal-Mart. Out front, there should be a container for recycling those bags. Other chains may do this as well, but I know about those 2 for a fact. And if your local Kroger or Wal-Mart (or other chain) does not have a bag recycling container, clamor to management for one until they do.

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