Naked Juice Invites Facebook Users to Spread an Environmental “Naked Message in a Bottle”



Naked® Juice recently became the first nationally-distributed brand to transition to a 100 percent post-consumer recycled or PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle. Part of the company’s commitment to creating a more earth conscious juice, the Naked reNEWabottleTM is a bottle made of other bottles.

Now the company is asking people across America to join the eco-revolution by simply passing on the “Naked Message in a Bottle.” Facebook users can “drink” Naked Juice and pass virtual bottles along to their friends. For every bottle passed (up to 400,000), Naked Juice will donate five cents (up to $20,000) to Keep America Beautiful - the nation’s largest volunteer-based community action and education organization - and its recycling education initiatives.

Especially cool, users can express their passion for being eco-friendly by including a message to their friends in every bottle (hence Naked Message in a Bottle!) so that each bottle’s journey is chronicled. Users can also track how many people have passed the Naked Juice bottle along and see how much money they’ve helped raise.

Matt McKenna, president and CEO of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. comments: “Keep America Beautiful engages individuals to take greater responsibility for improving the environment. That responsibility starts with making smart choices about the products we choose, and ends with smart choices about how we dispose of waste. The Naked Juice reNEWabottle represents a commitment to sustainable design that supports a closed loop, and encourages responsible consumer choices. We’re happy to be a partner in this effort.”


It’s a simple way for consumers to join the eco-revolution by helping raise awareness about the importance of recycling and helping raise money for a great cause. What’s better than a fun and easy win-win for everyone?


Facebook users can select their favorite Naked Juice flavors and start passing around the “Naked Message in a Bottle” today by going here.


About The Naked Juice Company
Naked® Juice, a leader in the super-premium juice category, was founded and first marketed towel-to-towel on the beaches of Santa Monica, Calif. in 1983. The beverages in the Naked Juice line of all-natural, 100 percent juices, fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies are made from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar or preservatives. Naked Juice can be found in supermarkets, club stores, health food stores and neighborhood markets throughout the nation. To learn more, visit their site, and follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

Naked Juice. Nothing to HideTM

About Keep America Beautiful, Inc.
Established in 1953, Keep America Beautiful (KAB) combines education with hands-on stewardship to create cleaner, greener communities and public spaces. Through the power of over 3 million volunteers and more than 1,000 participating organizations, KAB engages individuals, businesses, and government to find solutions that prevent litter, reduce waste, promote recycling, and improve communities. To learn more, visit their site.

3 Responses to “Naked Juice Invites Facebook Users to Spread an Environmental “Naked Message in a Bottle””

  1. This is a great idea!

  2. I have a lot more respect for the “Naked Juice” brand. I’m glad someone is taking the lead on such an important issue as the eco-friendly movement. Good for them.

  3. In terms of reducing our impact, I recently saw some pieces on some news show like CNN and The Journal with Joan lunden on PBS that were talking about the importance of industry stepping it up in the area of recycling. Many haven’t caught up yet, but it is exciting to see some who have like Naked. We still have much to improve but there is hope in the direction many are taking.

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