Neat Harvesting Rain Chain

rain harvesting

Rain harvesting is a great way of reducing conventional water consumption and possibly even improve your well-being. This traditional Japanese rain chain, creates a soothing waterfall sound while harvesting rain by a traditional down spout into a rain barrel or underground water tank. Check out this short video.


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  1. Rain harvesting is a great eco-friendly tip. Earth day is very important to me and I did my part to show my support for a cleaner environment.
    Following Earth Day, I am still trying to find some easy, simple things I can do to help stop global warming. Have you seen the is promoting their Earth Day (month) challenge, with the goal to get 1 million people to take their carbon footprint test in April? I took the test, it was easy and only took me about 2 minutes and I am planning on lowering my score with some of their tips.
    I am always looking for places to find more tips for living more environmentally friendly. If you know of any other sites worth my time let me know.

  2. [...] Neat Harvesting Rain Chain [...]

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