New Blance Expands Outdoor Category with an Eco-Preferred Collection


New Balance recently released a new collection of eco-preferred shoes. This new collection utilizes environmentally preferred materials, constructions and manufacturing processes. The first shoe in the collection is the New Balance 70. We were contacted by New Balance to try a pair. I’ve had a couple weeks to wear them and I like them. They are very lightweight and comfortable. They “breath” better than typical leather sneakers which is especially nice in warm weather. But the thing I like most is that they are “green.”

According to their item description:

Seventy-five percent of the upper components are “environmentally preferred materials.” The laces, webbing, rand, quarter, tongue and saddle incorporate recycled polyester; the foxing and the tip of the shoe are synthetics made with fewer solvents than traditional materials. Rice husks filler in the outsole reduces the amount of rubber needed, thus reducing the amount of petroleum used. Water-based adhesives (rather than solvent-based) are used to join the upper and the sole unit and no paper stuffing or paper wrapping are used in the packaging of 70.

For more info visit their site.

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