NJ Companies Offer Incentives For Energy Efficient Appliances

environmentalservicesnj-entechResidents throughout the state can now be rewarded for using energy efficient systems for heating & cooling in NJ thanks to energy credits. The team at The Entech Group is happy to report that all of the energy providers in New Jersey have individualized incentives through the state’s Clean Energy Program. This also means residents can save on utility bills and those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy may be eligible for even higher rebates.

Those who have energy efficient technologies may qualify for these incentives, in which NJ based energy companies are offering anywhere between $300 and $500 in incentives. What exactly does this mean? Homeowners can receive a $500 check just for using energy efficient appliances in their homes.

One way in which homeowners can receive these incentives is by switching from oil to natural gas; Gas heating is extremely efficient as well as less expensive than homes that use oil for heat. Now is the right time to switch, especially when hundreds of dollars may be available to those who make the switch. If homeowners live in an area where natural gas is not available, The Entech Group can replace out of date oil heating equipment with units that are newer and more efficient.

Heating & Cooling in New Jersey Is Now Safe & Efficient

It’s been reported that over the last 10 years, natural gas prices have dropped to record lows while heating oil prices have been rising. The NY Times also reported that analysts do not expect oil prices to decline in the near future, mostly because of political instability in the Middle East as well as increasing demand from developing countries. By switching from oil to natural gas, homeowners will find a more affordable solution as well as a safer one.

Those who are interested in making the switch can learn all about the services for heating & cooling in NJ from The Entech Group, including complete HVAC services for both residential and commercial customers. For more information about The Entech Group, visit http://http://www.entechgroupinc.com/ or call 866-548-0208.

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