Nokia’s Remade Green Concept Phone

nokia remade concept phone

Here is a new green Nokia concept phone which is eco-friendly because the phone parts are made from recycled materials.

Earlier this year, the Nokia concept looked similar to a standard mobile phone but since then has received a makeover which was shown at the wireless trade show CTIA.

The “Remade” concept is defined by its recycled materials which construct the phone. The outer shell is made from aluminum cans and the plastic parts come from drink bottles and old car tires. The screen is made from recycled glass and the hinges are made from rubber tires. Even the inside of the phone is made from old refurbished parts from older mobile phones. It also comes with the phone reducing the backlight to an optimal level to save the battery, thus requiring less charging.

No price or launch plans have been disclosed by Nokia. It appears to only be a concept at this time, but it would be nice to see this type of thinking carried out with all mobile phones.


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  1. This device is beautiful and so forward thinking. I thought I would share, since earthday is tomorrow, about a cool which you can shop green and give to environmental nonprofit groups. This is a must checkout site, I keep it on my bookmarks page and use it everytime I shop. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for sharing that site! :)

  3. hmm this phone looks good!but there is a problem that it is stated that the outer shell of this mobile has been made of alluminium of recycled cans.Those cans are so easily be bended or ruined by hands.if we use it even by a little pressure the mobile’s cover will be ruined!!!

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