Okabashi Flip Flops

oka About a month ago, I was asked to try out a pair of Okabashi Flip Flops. I liked the idea that they were 100% recycled and were made in the USA. However, before receiving them I had my reservations. Usually any kind of flat shoe bothers my back but I was pleasantly surprised. The arch support is great and I love the massaging beads. According to their website:

Every Okabashi shoe is designed based on the studies of reflexology, support and body alignment. Today, we continue to design shoes based on these studies and the values they stand for. We frequently hear from customers who thank us for making, “the healing shoes,” and, “the most comfortable shoes ever. Okabashi is the only shoe company in its category endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

The shoes are also dishwasher safe. Once your Okabashis finally do show enough wear and are ready to be recycled simply send them back and you are eligible for a coupon on Okabashi.com. Read all about them here.

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  1. Check out SOLE flips as well, super eco friendly (from materials, packaging and operations). http://www.yoursole.com

    full disclosure: I used to be an employee, so I did drink a little of the kool-aid :)

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