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One Small Step

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Oakland, California – Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch? A lunch served in any one of the products featured on the online shop “One Small Step [1]” is free in all the ways that matter – waste-free, lead-free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free. With this extensive line of green lunch and school supplies, a healthy serving of veggies is the only thing parents have to worry about making it into their little ones’ tummies.

One Small Step was founded in 2008 by Renata Bodon. When Bodon’s daughter entered a Montessori pre-school that required waste-free lunches, she found it challenging to find safe and high-quality reusable lunch ware. With One Small Step, Bodon eliminates that struggle for other parents. One Small Step has everything families need to go green by creating waste-free lunches. What’s green for our planet = more green in your wallet. Not only are the products found at One Small Step healthy for the environment, they can give a family’s bank account a much needed boost as well. Consider the fact that waste-free lunches cost one-third less than lunches served in disposable products. The average disposable lunch costs approximately $4.02 per day and the average waste-free lunch costs about $2.65 per day — that’s a savings of over $240 per child per year!

Reusable lunchware means less waste, less waste means a cleaner planet. Consider the average child’s lunchtime trash totals up to 67 pounds per school year. For any given elementary school, that’s about 10 tons of trash a year – from lunchbox waste alone. And the company’s founder is committed to using One Small Step as a platform for educating families and communities on the merits of waste-free meals and environmentally friendly school supplies. “If we educate our children on a waste-free lifestyle, they will educate their friends and families, ultimately helping the environment,” states Bodon.

To encourage organizations to get on board, One Small Step donates 10 percent of gross sales back to partnering schools and non-profits. One Small Step has it all: lunch ware, school supplies, picnic gear — all fun, sturdy, and eco-friendly:

  • School Supplies – EcoStaplers, “greenciles” (pencils), Back-to-School Kits, and more!
  • Food Storage – Many plastic bag alternatives (Wrap-N-Mats, SnackTAXIs, etc), travel formula containers, and much more!
  • Lunchware – Beautiful bento boxes and lovely lunch bags! All fun, and all reusable!
  • Picnic Gear – Cactus Juice SPF 20 sunscreen and bug spray, SPF 15 Eco Lips organic lip balm, and many more fun, reusable outdoor products.

Visit One Small [2] Step for even more creative, quality lunch and school supplies.

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