Green Lifestyles - OUTDOOR WOOD BOILER POLLUTION CONTROL SOLUTION UNVEILED BY CONNECTICUT COMPANY, ClearStak, LLC’s CS-100 virtually eliminates outdoor wood boiler visible emissions and nuisance smokeClearStak, LLC’s CS-100 virtually eliminates outdoor wood boiler visible emissions and nuisance smoke

Willington, Connecticut – Users of Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWBs) now have a simple, cost-effective option to reduce visible emissions. ClearStak, LLC is now shipping Beta units of its CS-100, a proprietary, intelligent catalytic unit specifically designed to retrofit existing OWBs and yield improved environmental quality.“Outdoor Wood Boilers are an excellent solution to help reduce our dependency on foreign energy sources, but their emissions have been cited as a health problem by the EPA,” says Jeff Hallowell, ClearStak President. “Our new CS-100 supports this vital, local renewable energy resource and answers the EPA’s recommendation to reduce smoke pollution. By utilizing a CS-100, OWB owners may no longer need to replace their environmentally unfriendly and/or legally restricted boilers. The use of a CS-100 provides an alternative for federal, state, and/or local ordinances or restrictions on OWB output and greatly improves relations with neighbors.”

The CS-100 from ClearStak is a proprietary stainless steel device that uses an Intelligent Controller to manage performance and reduce visible emissions. It also supports local renewable energy, providing a green solution for commercial, agricultural, and consumer applications, and is manufactured in the USA using North American components. Technical details on the CS-100 can be requested here.

“The EPA states that there is an association between exposure to particle pollution, such as that generated by OWBs, and significant health problems, including aggravated asthma, lung and heart disease, and increased frequency and severity of respiratory symptoms such as difficulty breathing and coughing,” says Jeff Hallowell. “The use of a CS-100 on the boiler is an excellent solution to help people to continue to use OWBs while greatly reducing particle pollution and the unwanted health side effects associated with OWB smoke.”

ClearStak started shipping Beta CS-100 units for the beginning of the 2010 heating season, and expects to ship production models by year-end. For more information about the CS-100 visit their site or call (860) 237-8245.

About ClearStak, LLC

ClearStak, LLC is a privately held environmental engineering company located in Willington, CT. ClearStak’s mission is to design and build intelligent devices that reduce visible emissions from the combustion of biofuel, providing a renewable energy solution that is safe for the environment. The ClearStak vision is to provide economical biofuel pollution control devices for small-to-medium sized commercial, agricultural, and residential heating and power applications.

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