Paperless Business Cards and Brochures

n40107079339_84851There was once a business services printer named Mike who saw his business shrinking. New technologies were slowly encroaching on his bottom line as more and more businesses began responding to the call for cheaper, greener solutions and new ways of communication for marketing approaches. Meeting after meeting with loyal clients left him with the strong suspicion that his once long-term customers were trying to get rid of him. Request after request rolled into his inbox with strange talk about paperless, non-toxic alternatives. Paperless printing services? Mike could only scratch his head in confusion.

At the same time, his assistant was growing frustrated with the piles of brochures and folders that she had to sort each day, a result of potential clients, junk mail and networking functions. Mike, and his assistant, wanted to get rid of all the small pieces of paper in his life.

Then he heard about text messaging. Although it was a bit painful, and he certainly didn’t go willingly, he began to look into the possibilities of this technology. The more and more he thought about it, and the deeper he looked into it, the more he realized that text was the solution to both of his problems.

As he spoke to friends, clients and associates, the idea and the range of needs that it met grew. So, in 2008, he acquired the short code for 555411, a number that he felt just about anyone could remember and began providing TextID; answering the needs of his clients, relieving his assistant and saving a lot of trees in the process.

Visit their site for answers to FAQs.


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  1. TextID is awesome. You can use them to do a whole bunch of things like text voting, text alerts, 2-way text, etc. I use them for my customer loyalty/text program and it has definitely helped my business during slow times. It’s a great way to generate buzz and traffic.

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