Performance without Petroleum Get Green Earth Technologies’ Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil for Free with Rebate

Green Lifestyles - Performance without Petroleum Get Green Earth Technologies' Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil for free with rebate04.25.2011- Did you know the United States imported over 10 million barrels of petroleum per day (source) in February 2011? That’s over 300 million barrels monthly from foreign sources. To combat dependency on foreign oil, Green Earth Technologies (GET), a leading U.S. manufacturer of “green” goods and products, has produced an environmentally friendly motor oil called G-OIL® that’s made right here on U.S. soil. GET has released a mail in rebate that allows consumers to try a five quart bottle of G-OIL® 5W-30 motor oil for free (use link at bottom of post). Make a pact this spring to change your consumption habits, starting with your free 5 quart bottle of 5W-30 G-OIL®!

GET has streamlined the art of creating green products without waste, down to the very packaging - G-OIL® bottles are made from recyclable HDPE #2 plastic and the labels are printed with water based inks on recycled paper. GET’s ultimate biodegradable bio-based product is completely compatible with a variety of needs, whether you’re “topping off” or returning your used motor oil to a collection center. GET has truly made going “green” accessible for Americans who don’t want to sacrifice performance in the process.

Want to know more about the performance of G-OIL®? Just ask MAZDA Racing! MAZDA has used G-OIL® successfully in the past two American Le Mans Series, one of the most strenuous races in the world! G-OIL® is formulated to endure grueling conditions, whether in town or on the track. Make the switch today and see for yourself!

To get your rebate, please click here. But act fast – the rebate offer ends on 4.30! Please keep in mind that in order for the rebate to be valid, it must be downloaded from the link provided, and receipts must be received before 5.31.

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