Philly Earthship Lecture and Film Screening

Earth-Ship Biotecture by Michael ReynoldsOn March 2nd, in an effort to promote sustainable housing techniques, Philadelphia’s Pyramid Club is hosting Philly Earthship, a free lecture about off-the-grid, sustainable housing. The event also includes a screening of the film, Garbage Warrior, about architect Michael Reynolds, who created the earthship concept.

An earthship is essentially a passive solar home, situated for maximum southern exposure. The home’s south face is usually glass, and absorbs light from the sun. The earthship’s foundation, using principles of thermal mass, consists of old cans, plastic bottles and tires. The tires are filled with “rammed earth,” dirt tightly packed with a sledge hammer. When filled with as much mass as possible, the stacked tires are plastered in adobe.

Using these innovative techniques, earthships both capture and store the sun’s energy. Without heating or cooling systems, the homes traditionally remain a consistent 68° F, regardless of the external temperature.

Reynolds and his team of builders have been constructing these sustainable homes outside of Taos, New Mexico, where land is cheap and unconnected to the utility grid. Through the use of solar panels and grey water recycling systems, earthships can effectively remain off-the-grid, and free from utility payments.

In addition to the lecture and film screening, the Philly Earthship event will also include a post-screening Q&A session with Reynolds’s son and Earthship Biotect, Jonah Reynolds. A silent auction with items from celebrities and athletes, including Seth Green, Jason Mraz and the Philadelphia 76ers, will raise money for the Philadelphia Earthship Educational Facility.

The March 2nd even will be held at the Pyramid Club, 1735 Market Street. Doors will open at 6:30 PM, and the event begins at 7 PM. Visit Earthsip Biotecture for more information.

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