Recharge Batteries from a USB Port

Every year more than 15 billion alkaline batteries are used and then thrown away. This wastes resources and adds toxins to landfills. For under $20 you can purchase a pair of AA rechargeable batteries that can be used over and over. But these are not your typical rechargeable batteries. These batteries are easily and conveniently recharged from the USB port on any computer. There are no cables or chargers required. Simply pull the cap off and the batteries plug directly into the computer’s USB port. Only AA batteries are available now but 9 volt batteries and cell phone and device specific batteries are coming soon. Check out their website.


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  1. That is really cool. I would like to get some of these, but have never seen them. Does anyone know if/where/when they will be available?

    Contact me through my website.


    Daniel Macris

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