Recycle The Old, In With The New

Green Lifestyles - Recycle The Old, In With The New, I  bought my mom a new computer monitor for Christmas, since her last one kept turning yellow at odd moments, on the brink of its last flicker.  The new monitor is great, but this leaves me ringing in the New Year trying to find a way to recycle her old one.  Not only is tossing out an old monitor bad for the environment (unless you’d like 8 pounds of lead degrading into your drinking water), but it also happens to be illegal (see: 8 pounds of lead, degrading into your drinking water).

In my search to find a recycler, I’ve found some helpful information that I thought I would pass along:

Some Goodwill Industries will accept computer equipment and some will not, so you need to check for service in your area.  If not, try Earth911 for recycling in your area, by type of equipment.  And if your company is getting rid of old computers and can’t find a school that needs donated equipment, there are at least 2 companies who offer corporate recycling: ARS and EPC.

For a small fee ($5 - 15) both Office Depot and Staples accept old office electronics for recycling.  Office Depot will give you a $5, $10, or $15 box to fill with whatever office electronics will fit into the container (as long as it still seals afterward).  The major rule there is: no kitchen electronics like microwaves, etc.  Staples service desk will take your office equipment and a $10 handling fee, with 2 exceptions. Staples will accept computer accessories (mouse, keyboard, speakers) and all Dell equipment for free.  (I believe both companies offer a rebate program for recycling printer ink cartridges, which has nothing to do with recycling monitors, but is still cool, anyway.)

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