Short Guide To Green Your Consumption

green consumption

Here are some quick steps to greening up your daily routine that you may or may not have thought of before.

Buy in bulk: Who doesn’t love Costco? If you have the option to buy something that you typically use in bulk, why not? It saves in money AND packaging.

Buy music online: You don’t have to worry about plastic CDs, shipping, paper inserts, etc. If you have a portable music player, that’s even better. You can plug an adapter to your car stereo so you can still listen to your music.

Buy it used or trade your old stuff: You can trade books, garden tools, clothes or baby items with someone else who may need it or could trade you something else that is more desirable to you.

Shop at your local Farmer’s Market: Buying from your local farmer cuts down the factory farms, transportation needs and fuel, packaging and of course, the grocery store markup.

Recycle old electronics: Recycle or donate old electronics to Goodwill or you can even sell your old cell phone to Cell For Cash.

Check to see if your electric company offers green power: Call your electric company and ask if you can sign up for green power. It normally only takes a few extra dollars a month.

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