The Compost Project

The NatureMill Classic Composter

I recently adopted a new addition to the household. I refer to the little thing as adopted because the young family that gave it up felt it was too needy. Responsibilities for their toddler, a house with a yard, and a small dog were enough for them to handle.
Let me introduce the Nature Mill HC52.  It’s a compact, little automatic composter that the manufacture says will process 80 pounds of organic waste per month for about $.50.
The mom offered it on, and I brought it home. She had more then 40 responses, and I was the lucky one.
We are still getting acquainted. It resides on the covered patio which is a good place for it. It hums while it chews. While not really noisy, I don’t think I would like it in the house as the marketing material suggests. It’s handy for daily household waste that would otherwise require a trek to my urban out back.
I’m not offering a product review, because I don’t feel I know it well enough yet. I haven’t even given it a name. Hum. Any suggestions? It has a finicky diet, and I refuse to pay for untreated saw dust as a supplement. That’s something is can look for on freecycle.
I have a large yard with a compost project buried some where out there. I haven’t seen it in at least 15 years, but now I have time to look for it. I really do think the back yard compost location is the most practical, and productive, but the little thing is growing on me.
I’ll be out there, wandering the web for composting ideas and projects, so for now I’ll keep it fed.

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  1. Hi that is a great composter. I would like to know how long do’s it take from start to finish , if you added 60 pounds of composting good. I have many different comosting bins and I have to say I like the one you have. I hope I can get as lucky as you did on freecycle.
    Thanks Chris

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