Widget Calculates CO2 Reduction, Cost Difference Using Biodiesel Fuel

PHOENIX, AZ (August 4, 2011) - A new Web application to determine reductions in CO2 pollution for users of biodiesel fuel has been developed by Phoenix-based REV Biodiesel. The application, which also allows users to quickly calculate the difference in cost between different blends of biodiesel fuel and standard petroleum diesel on a monthly and annual basis, can be found on the REV Biodiesel website here.

“We’re excited to launch this new application to educate the public regarding the significant environmental impact that using even a low five percent blend of biodiesel can make in reducing carbon dioxide exhaust,” said Dan Rees, president of REV Biodiesel. “And even though biodiesel production costs fluctuate daily with commodity costs, we strive to keep our prices equal to or less than regular diesel so that there are both environmental and user advantages to switching to biodiesel.”

Growing interest in biodiesel as an alternative transportation fuel stems mainly from its renewable, domestic production; its safe, clean-burning properties; and its compatibility with existing diesel engines. Nontoxic biodiesel fuel has physical properties similar to petroleum diesel and can be used in any diesel engine without modification.   Most major auto manufacturers have stated formally that the use of blends up to 20 percent (B20) will not void their parts and workmanship warranties. This includes blends below B20, such as the five percent (B5) biodiesel blends that are becoming more common.

Biodiesel is the only Federally-approved “advanced biofuel” i.e. an alternative biofuel that does not use human food crops as a “feedstock” to produce the fuel. REV biodiesel is made primarily from waste vegetable oil collected from the restaurant industry. Other biofuels, including ethanol, currently are manufactured using food crops such as corn. For these other biofuels, questions regarding sustainability and the impact on global food prices and supply continue to be debated.

About REV Biodiesel
Based in Gilbert, Arizona, REV Biofuels is a division of Pure Earth Energy Resources, LLC (PEER), an alternative energy company established in 2009. PEER was co-founded by CEO Bob Flynn and President Dan Rees, the founder and former president of Gilbert-based AZ Biodiesel. The company is positioned to capitalize on the significant experience and proven expertise of the principals, particularly in the development of efficient biodiesel manufacturing models. The company currently produces approximately 11,200 gallons of biodiesel fuel per day, with projected volumes ramping to 40,000 gal/day by January 2012. Total annual production capacity eventually will be 10 million gal/year using current equipment. For more information regarding REV Biodiesel, go to


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