See Solar Energy in Action: Take the Tour

Credit: Linda N., via Flickr.

Credit: Linda N., via Flickr.

No matter where you live in the United States, it’s easy to see solar energy in action. Saturday, Oct. 3, marks the 14th annual National Solar Tour, an annual event held in conjunction with National Energy Awareness Month.

You can find the tour nearest you by clicking on a map of the 50 states (and Puerto Rico). The tour is sponsored by the nonprofit American Solar Energy Society. It’s the largest grass roots solar tour in the world, aimed at showing folks how their neighbors are using the power of the sun (and how you can, too).

The event
also focuses on showing-off energy-saving technologies, green building design, and local, state and federal incentives.

Organizers expect more than 150,000 participants will visit about 5,000 buildings in 3,000 communities across the country. In Michigan alone, there are 10 events.

The Energy Savers Blog, from the U.S. Department of Energy, has more information, including some memories from past events.

Happy Solaring. And if you’re not on the map, look into organizing a tour the next time around. And when I said easy, I meant based on where you live. Think about carpooling to a tour with your friends.

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  1. Green Living with solar power is the wave of the future. Hybrid cars are great and all for going green, but we need more homeowners getting on the solar power band wagon now. joeb

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