Self-Inflating Tire To Save Gas

self inflating tires

Like many people, I can forget to check my tire pressure. One of the best tips out there on saving on gas, is to make sure tires are properly inflated to maximize gas mileage. Well, now there may be something to help us out.

Developed in the Czech Republic, this self-inflating tire automatically inflates your tire through a device called a peristaltic pump which inflates the tire as it turns, keeping it at a safe and constant pressure level. This cool technology will not only made roads a bit safer but help maximize on our gas efficiency, since under-inflated tires use up more fuel…resulting in more carbon emissions. Don’t we want to be efficient. I know I do…and so does my wallet.

Self Inflating Tire

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  1. Wow, Cool tire.
    Thanks for posting this.

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