smart USA’s Forest Restoration Project

smart-for-2Smart USA Marks One-Year Anniversary With Forest Restoration Project Company will plant trees in the Cache River State Natural Area in recognition of all smart fortwos sold

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI - smart USA Distributor LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Automotive Group, Inc., (NYSE: PAG), announced that it will plant a tree in recognition of each of the 24,622 smart fortwos sold in 2008, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the vehicle in the United States. In partnership with American Forests and Daimler Financial Services, smart USA will plant trees in the Cache River State Natural Area, located in southern Illinois, about 150 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. smart USA plans to continue this initiative for every vehicle sold in 2009.

By purchasing this vehicle, smart fortwo owners have already played an active role in supporting the environment.In addition to great fuel economy, the smart fortwo is up to 95% recyclable, and is certified as a SmartWay vehicle for its low air pollutant and greenhouse gas scores by the Environmental Protection Agency. The smart fortwo contributes to a smaller carbon footprint on the American landscape.

“We are very happy to enter into a partnership with Daimler Financial Services and American Forests,” said Dave Schembri, President of smart USA. “smart USA, Daimler Financial Services and American Forests are committed to creating a healthier, greener environment. We wanted to select a project that not only reflected one of our brand’s core attributes, but will also create a better place to live for all Americans.”

The Cache River State Natural Area is open to the public. In the near future, a sign will be displayed at the entrance acknowledging smart USA’s contribution toward the planting of these trees. smart owners that took delivery of their vehicle in 2008 will be notified of the program on their anniversary date and will be able to download a certificate recognizing the tree planting at

American Forests, the country’s oldest non-profit citizens’ conservation organization, is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests. Since 1875, American Forests has been working to create healthy forest ecosystems for every community. smart USA will be planting the trees as part of the American Forests’ Global ReLeaf campaign, which is dedicated to planting native trees in rural and urban ecosystem restoration projects across the United States and around the world. The Cache River State Natural Area project will create large blocks of historic hardwood bottomlands that support neotropical migratory birds and will provide high-quality swamp and wetland habitats for more than 100 species listed as threatened or endangered.

“We are proud to partner with smart USA and Daimler Financial Services to plant a tree for each smart fortwo sold in the United States,” said Deborah Gangloff, Executive Director of American Forests. “Making a commitment to restore forest ecosystems with American Forests reinforces smart USA’s dedication to high environmental standards. The tree-planting project selected to honor the owners of these vehicles will provide important benefits for wildlife and the environment at a very special site in southern Illinois, in the heartland of the country.”

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