SmartSlope Living Retaining Walls

tn-570867_smartslopeBALTIMORE - Baltimore-based Furbish Company announces the latest addition to the company’s line of sustainable products and services, SmartSlope Living Retaining Walls. The Furbish Company designs, sells, installs, and maintains the plant-based structures, and has revolutionized living retaining wall technology to provide extensive functional, ecological, and economical benefits.

SmartSlope’s advantages include:

  • Increased functionality. SmartSlope walls install easily and quickly, become stronger as roots establish, can be built up to nine feet without reinforcements, and provide excellent erosion control and reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Ecological benefits. SmartSlope retaining walls are made with post-consumer recycled materials use 50 percent less concrete than traditional retaining walls. SmartSlope helps reduce heat island effect and stormwater run off while creating urban habitats. Erosion control and nutrient absorption are also increased.
  • Economical incentives. By utilizing less concrete, savings are increased. Installation is quick and requires 46 percent fewer modules, cutting labor costs. SmartSlope is produced locally and can contribute to LEED points.

“After extensive research and planning, we are pleased with our product and certain that it will provide the functionality and aesthetics that no other retaining wall system currently provides, we are excited to launch a product that makes such an ecological impact” said Michael Furbish, founder and president of The Furbish Company.

SmartSlope is currently available in the Mid-Atlantic region, and has plans to expand nationally. Visit their site for additional information and availability, and follow @SmartSlope on Twitter for product and project updates.

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