So, if You Haven’t Switched to Cloth Bags yet….

carrier bag chair

Check it out. A simple solution to using your plastic grocery bags stashed in your home.
Yep….the Grocery Bag Chair (pictured above) strives to solve that problem. It’s a chair that you basically just fill with plastic grocery bags. So, if you haven’t switched to cloth bags yet…you could always try utilizing the plastic stash you already have, although…at a hefty $150 price tag (wow).

Maybe if the price came down, wasn’t see through or if the chair wouldn’t make a plastic shifting sound each time you repositioned…then maybe…there is slight chance that green consumers would pick it up. Although, it’s not going in my living room! (And remember….cloth grocery bags are a good alternative to plastic!)


One Response to “So, if You Haven’t Switched to Cloth Bags yet….”

  1. Great idea, but something of a serious hazard in a housefire surely?


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