- Make Extra Money by Recycling


While many people realize that recycling is good for the environment, the ones that act on it do it out of the goodness of their hearts. has taken a slightly different approach to encourage people to recycle.

They believe that there needs to be a stronger incentive for people to start recycling. And that incentive is being able to profit from recycling. So, they have created,, where people can make extra money by selling and by helping to sell, domestic recyclable items like soda cans, plastic/glass bottles, and other items.

Regardless of where one lives, there is always an opportunity to either sell recyclables to junkyards, recycling centers or to pledge them to a cause. It is just a matter of taking that one extra step. Visit their site for more info.

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  1. i have a lot of cans in my garage and steel saven them i do the same thing as my dad =)

  2. i want to start my own business with the recycling can sodas and bottles. i would love if someone would contact me back so i can purpose/pitch an very intellegent idea to provide for myself and as well for my wife and children.

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