Sustainability for Small Business:


Are you interested in implementing sustainability practices at your business but don’t know where to begin? may be for you. is a free community website that helps small companies with their sustainability efforts. They provide practical content and a community where members network and share information. They offer personalized advice and lots of attention.  Their goal is to connect people and provide them with the valuable information and resources.  Best of all membership is free.

Recently a Padosa member created a post in the forum asking for recommendations of solar vendors for his real estate business. He had been searching for months and was ready to give up. Within 24 hours a fellow Padosa member got back to him with several vendor referrals and within a week he hired a solar contractor for a 6 million dollar job. This is what is all about – building a community and helping people accomplish their sustainability goals.

Their role is to simplify the process – to provide clear and objective advice on actions companies can take today to save money, make money and promote sustainable businesses and a sustainable planet. The best way to access’s community is to join the free site and then talk with other members in their forum.  There seems to be real potential for this site to provide huge value for businesses to benefit from sharing their best practices and sustainability experiences with each other.

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  1. At Air Purifier Home, we’re committed to raising consumer awareness on eco and health issues.

    Padosa’s been great at helping us connect with the small business community, most recently with our article on “Hidden Health Hazards in the Workplace”.

    Thanks Padosa!

  2. To check out the Business Health Guide, visit:
    Business Guide.

  3. Thanks for the plug! Our mission is to bring together business-oriented people, environment-oriented people, and everyone in between to get a conversation about sustainability going, so community participation is key. We also update our front page with news, guides, and opinions on green business every day, so check back with us often for new content. Check us out at and learn how going green can get you more green.

  4. I love that is in touch with the issues that are important to today’s small businesses. Businesses today want to go “green” and have good “green” intentions, but want to remain economically viable (and profitable!)

  5. Great stuff I will check it out for sure. We try very hard to do are part and due find some thing very hard to overcome because of the cost.

  6. Great site!!1 Helped me find solar companies for my upcoming development projects. Keep up the good works!!

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