Suzuki Crosscage Motorcycle

suzuki crosscage hybrid motorcycle concept

Suzuki plans to put this unconventional fuel-cell motorcycle into production. A simple and light-weight air-cooled fuel system from British company, Intelligent Energy, delivers quick activation with low fuel consumption. A high-performance secondary lithium-ion battery helps it reach optimum power control.

Up close, the Suzuki Crosscage is distinctly different as the motor is actually inside the huge swinging arm/rear wheel assembly. The faux petrol tank covers the fuel cell, the hydrogen fuel tank is where the motor is normally and the battery and motor controller sit underneath.

The hydrogen fuel cell is capable of 50 mph at the last year’s Tokyo Motor Show but is forecast to reach most speed limits and exceed the range of 100 miles.

Facts and information has been purposefully vague from Suzuki but stay tuned for additional information as this motorcycle may hit showrooms soon.

suzuki crosscage hybrid motorcycle concept


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